July 31, 2010

More "news" from Dragon

Dragon announced the release of its new Tiger I Initial Production s.Pz.Abt.502 Leningrad Region 1942/43 in 1/72. Probably this new kit will provide all three Tiger variants: no 100, no 123 and no 3 just as its 1/35 big brother.

July 13, 2010

Next project - Sherman M4A3 (76) W

This is my next project, Sherman M4A3 (76) W from Dragon - their first Sherman kit which was followed by an entire plethora of such fine Sherman kits.

This is a great review from Doug Chaltry.
And, for those who can read Romanian, this review is very usefull.

I will try to depict a tank photographed on January 1945, in France, near Riedwihr.