October 21, 2011

King Tiger, Revell 1/72 - Berlin 1945

As I've mentioned in my previous posts, I would've liked to make Karl-Heinz Turk's King Tiger who fought in Berlin in the final days of the war. I picked up Revell kit and Part photo-etched set and... so far, so good.


Keyvan Nayyeri said...

the weld seams look really nice, good job Florin.I think you should consider using the clamps from voyager or ET model though for the tools.

Moreover the track sag is really really bad, you should go for that again.The tracks dont even really touch the road wheels on top.

Go for it;-)


Florin David said...

Thanks Key, I know about the sag, but this will be done later, either by bending the tracks or gluing them on top of the road-wheels. What is wrong with the tool clamps from Part? Maybe a little too big? :-)

José said...

I'll be following this one closely as I have several of these Revell Panther kits in the Stash. Between this, and the one I published from T-izumi(http://www.blitz72.com/2011/night-fighting-panther-ausf-f-tank/) I'm getting the urge to build one soon.

What are you going to do about the Commander's cuppola?. I might end up using the kit part for most (wrong number of periscopes) but it would be nice if someone would cast one as a "fix".

Very nice Florin, keep us posted!.

Florin David said...

Jose, I hope I understood correctly your comment, but this is a Tiger not a Panther :-)

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