December 17, 2011

Mini-dio for the King Tiger

I thought to make a little diorama for the King Tiger, with some kind of street fighting in Berlin. I bought Zvezda reconnaissance team and a set with ruins from Italieri; both are great stuff.


Keyvan Nayyeri said...

Nice idea for the dio, looks kinda dynamic.Very nice Florin.
Looking forward to seeing the weathering of the KT.Your going to fix the track sag dont you?
The camo looks nice aswell.Looks like you used your airbrush.Very convincing work in my eyes.


Florin David said...

Hi Key, I'm glad you like it. You're right, I will glue the tracks on top of the wheels later to make a proper sag. I used the airbrush only for the base paint.
Cheers, my friend!

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