June 26, 2011

T-34, progress on the hull

June 18, 2011

T-34/76 model 1943 from Zvezda

While waiting for the release of IS-2 from Zvezda, I wanted to get accustomed a little bit with the Russian armor. So I decided to build the T-34 after reading so many eulogistic reviews of this snap-kit. It was said it has the most accurate dimensions from all T-34s out there. I came across a very useful discussion here, on Ace Model forum.
It will turn out fine just OOB but I decided to upgrade it with a photo-etched set from Part and a gun barrel from Aber. Although designed for the ancient Eastern Express T-34/76 '43 (late version with a raised commander cupola), the Part set fits almost perfectly.
The Aber barrel however was a huge disappointment. I did some research only after I placed my order so there was nothing I could do about it: is far too short. Even the label is wrong, as it designates a F-32 gun, while T-34 used the F-34 gun. Doug Chaltry spotted the problem some time ago. So I'm stuck with the gun barrel from the box, which looks just fine (I'll have to drill it though).