February 05, 2012

Willys Jeep - Tamiya 1/48

Looks like Braille to me :)


Stephen Beat said...

Isn't it great how much extra detail you can get in the larger scale models? I just bought my first 1/35 model at the weekend and was taken aback at the sheer size when I opened the box! :D A whole new set of challenges I reckon!

Florin David said...

Though are many highly detailed 1/72 kits on the market now, there are certain limitations within this scale. But I like the challenge, to make a small scale model look like a 1/35 one :) I also like to build 1/48 from time to time, just to relax my eyes :) I never opened the box of a 1/35 model, but I've heard it has hundreds of parts :) What model did you buy?

Stephen Beat said...

Hi Florin, I bought the Tamiya T-34/85 as I am just making a 1/72 T-34/85 so have already done a fair amount of research on the subject.

The coolest thing was putting my 1/72 hull next to the 1/35 one! :)

This Tamiya model is quite old now (it was first made in the 80s) so it's not as detailed and doesn't have as many parts as more modern ones, like those from Dragon for example. However, one of the good things about this model is that because it's been around for a long time there are lots of photoetched and resin upgrade sets specifically for it.

Like you I'm doing this mainly to give my eyes a bit of a rest! :D

ironmankwaki said...

love your soft touch and realistic style. Your Tamiya 1/48 Willy's is superb. I am doing the figures with this kit too!

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