May 06, 2012

The turret

I made a few modification, mostly on the rear, where I replaced the MG cradle and the L frames. Is not ready yet; I must modify the loader's split hatch into a "low profile" D94598 and to add the MG barrel bracket.


Erhntly said...

very nice.
I added your blog, to my favourite blogs list, in


Florin David said...

Hi Erhan, thanks for that!
I added your blog too :)


Keyvan Nayyeri said...

Nice work Florin, im no Sherman expert though thats why i cant say anything towards historical correctness this time.
Btw. the new Panther D released by Dragon is incredible, did you have a look inside the box yet?


Florin David said...

Thanks Key, I have a good friend who is a "shermaholic" and he guides me through the process. I've heard about the Panther D, and all I can say it is in pole position on my purchase list. Unless Zvezda releases the IS-2 that I've been waiting for a year :)
Best regards,

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