July 29, 2013

IS-2 comparison: Zvezda, Italieri and PST

This is my all-time favorite tank and I wanted to build it for a long time; I already had Italieri and PST kits and I was ready for a kitbash. However, when I heard Zvezda will release its own version (a snap fit), and knowing the quality of its earlier releases (T34, Tiger I and Panther Ausf D), I decided to wait. And the wait was worthwhile. This is not a comprehensive review, just a few shots with the main parts (I didn’t removed the flash on any part, just detached it from the sprues).

The boxes:

The upper hull (Zvezda on the left, Italieri in the middle, and PST on the right). Italieri’s hull is a little bit short, both Zvezda and PST seem to have the right proportions, Zvezda has the nicest details of all:

Lower hulls (same order). I took an extra shot with Zvezda’s lower hull, looks like Dragon style, with superb details:



Wheel drives:

Gun barrels. I added the metal Aber barrel just for comparison. I don’t know if I’m right, but I think this is Zvezda’s only soft spot: the gun muzzle brake is maybe a little too short.

The turrets. Italieri is the only one with a very nice cast texture (present on the hull also). All Zvezda hatches are closed (maybe another minus).

General shots with Zvezda kit sprues. The DSzK 12.7mm machine gun has amazing details, and I think is the best plastic replica in 1/72.

I think the conclusion is obvious: Zvezda IS-2 is the best on the 1/72 market today.


Anonymous said...

Hey David,

this is a usefull review. I mist say the italeri one looks good as well.

I hope you get this comment (trying yet an other browser). I follow your work and it looks very good. I do wonder if you finished the King Tiger diorama already I'm curious for the final result.

greeting Builer (miniature army)

Dan said...

Nice, what are the zvezda tracks made of? Are they glueable?

Florin David said...

Thanks for the comments! The King Tiger dio is not finished... in fact I didn't even started :(
Zvezda tracks are one piece made from flexible plastic. From what I've heard, very easy to work with. Thanks again!

Erhntly said...

thank you for sharing :)

EY said...

Great review. Thanks!

Florin David said...


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