August 25, 2013

Cromwell Mk. IV done

Finished as Polish Cromwell IV, 1st squadron, 10th Mounted Rifle Regiment, France, August 1944, with Decals from ToRo. I used only Vallejo paints and weathered it with oils and pigments.


AJay said...

Beautiful work! I also love the searchlight.

Anonymous said...

Marvelous piece of work! Keep them coming!

Greetings MiniatureArmy

Florin David said...

Many thanks!

Keyvan Nayyeri said...

Hey Florin,

Nice to see you keeping things up, almost no spare time over here at the moment.You are improving with every model.Really nice work, i always take a look at your blog.Good luck with your IS-2 coming up next maybe? ;-)


Florin David said...

Thanks Key!

Wojtek Bulhak said...

I like your Cromwell a lot, my favourite Regiment! Do you consider placing it on diorama?

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